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Vintage Fallout Records & Skateboards T-Shirt

We’ve all had that one t-shirt, be it from when you were a kid, some time during college or maybe well into adulthood. It was buttery soft, hung just perfect and more often than not, was emblazoned with the logo of an obscure local business. Perhaps you scored it in a thrift shop, picked it up at a grand opening event or possibly kept it as a wearable trophy after parting ways with a significant other. The imprint had probably seen better days, but only got better with time as each wash added a little more fade and another chip or crack. It was your go-to. Your fallback. The secret weapon in your casual wardrobe. Whatever the case, it’s pretty safe to say that you miss that damn shirt.

Now, what if you could get it back? That’s where Psyne Heavy Industries comes in. We create true American made vintage t-shirts that look and feel like the real deal. From screen accurate designs based on the faux businesses of movies and TV to reproductions of long-forgotten businesses that should have gotten a second chance, we fire up the time machine and take you back with hand painted distressing, fading and cracking, ensuring that each design looks like a period original. We lay these throwback designs down on American Apparel’s softest t-shirt available using state of the art direct to garment printing with environmentally friendly water-based inks.

New York Vultures Vintage Women's T-Shirt

The results? The look of decades-old screen printing on a brand new shirt that looks and feels like it’s seen more than enough wash cycles, but will last for years to come. No weird thrift shop smells or cheap promotional t-shirts, just 100% American made goodness that looks and feels like the perfect t-shirt. A Psyne will quickly become the shirt you look forward to wearing, whether you throw it on with shorts to go get coffee or under a sport coat with jeans to upscale your casual a bit.

So yeah, that’s our story. Yesterday’s gone, but we do our best to bring a little bit of it back.